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SkratchBastid: Satisfaction Guaranteed Mixtape

One of the few mixes that never really leaves my Ipod. All around greatness.

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1. Intro – Skratch Bastid
2. Don’t Touch Me – Busta Rhymes / I Can Give You Love – The Diplomats
3. Poppa Large – Ultramagnetic MC’s / Space Funk – Manzel
4. Manwomanboogie – Q-Tip f/ Amanda Diva
5. Skew it On the Bar-B (Skratch Bastid Remix) – Outkast f/Raekwon
6. Stepchild – Skratch Bastid
7. Get Up – Vernon Burch/Bring Down The Birds – Herbie Hancock
8. Planet Rock – Breakout / Take It To The House – Trick Daddy
9. Boogie Shoes – KC & The Sunshine Band
10. Bring It Here – Wild Sugar / Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys
11. Me So Horny – 2 Live Crew / Firecracker – Mass Production
12. The Roof is on Fire – Rockmaster Scott and the Dynamic 3
13. Surgery (Dr. Dre) – Wreckin’ Cru
14. The Apples – Killing In The Name
15. Traffic Jam – Stephen Marley / The Stopper (Remix) – Cutty Ranks
16. Give Me Your Love – The Sisters Love
17. Cherchez Le Ghost – Ghostface
18. Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
19. Jack Of Spades – Boogie Down Productions
20. Serious (Ceereeus BDP Mix) – Steady B
21. Steady B Like This – Skratch Bastid
22. Buzzsaw/Call Me D-Nice – Turtles/D-Nice
23. Jackin’ For Beats – Ice Cube
24. I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind – Joe Quarterman
25. Shack Up – Banbarra
26. Miss Broadway – Belle Epoque
27. Come On, Let’s Move It – Special Ed
28. I Know You Got Soul – Brother Ali Verse/Drop
29. Heed The Word Of The Brother – X-Clan
30. Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin’ – MC Breed & DFC
31. Pay Ya Dues – Low Profile / Rockin’ Funky Watergate – The JB’s
32. More Peas – The JB’s
33. Soul Clap – Showbiz & A.G. / Chicken Yellow – Miami
34. Scorpio – Dennis Coffey/ Can’t Get Next To You – Temptations
35. Jinglin’ Baby (Remix) – LL Cool J
36. Walking Into Sunshine – Central Line
37. Runnin’/Brazilian Rhyme – Earth, Wind & Fire
38. Buffalo Gals/ She’s Looking Like a Hobo – Malcolm McLaren
39. Hotter Than Them – South Rakkas Crew
40. Blazin’ (Modeselektor Remix) – Ghislain Poirier & Face-T
41. Night – Benga & Coki
42. Day N’ Nite – Kid Cudi
43. Day By Day – Eddie Kendricks
44. Let The Beat Build – Freeway
- @djAlykhan

DJ ALYKHAN: Live Hip-Hop/MC Showcase ft. Ishmael Raps, K’Lee, Yankee Gold and Rome (Bug Jar, Tues. Oct. 8)

I’m super excited to be hosting such a talented cadre of lyricists at the Bug Jar this Tuesday.  The bill is 100% local. 






K’ Lee | Writers Block (Flower City Frieza Teaser) from K’ Lee on Vimeo.



Hip-Hop returns to the Bug Jar, live and direct!

Tuesday October 8, Bug Jar, 9pm - 2am.
Live acts followed by Throwback Hip-Hop dance party
Cover: $1 Overs / $5 Unders 

Featuring the talents of:

Ishmael Raps
CAMO | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNGjFRTHQMA

K’ Lee A. Gill
FLower City Frieza Mixtape [TEASER] x https://www.vimeo.com/75114277

Yankee Gold
Naked | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rot-KDyii0
So Beautiful | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2trzEteIno0

and the Rochester debut of BKLYN’s very own Rome!
With NYC in his veins, and Rochester in his heart, Rome’s masterful delivery has been shaped by the grit of the 90s, with a uniquely intellectual twist. 

Hosted by DJ Alykhan
www.djalykhan.com ]
Alykhan first cut his teeth blending and scratching hip-hop records - his favorites include many of the artists in the ‘native tongues’ movement, although he has a soft-spot for West Coast labels like Hieroglyphics and artists like People Under the Stairs. He’ll be playing before, in between, and after the MCs so stick around and bop the night away to your favorite rap and hip-hop classics.

Dub Land: 315 Alexander St, Rochester, New York LEGIT is:Charles Lindner (Keys) of The Manhattan ProjectWil McKenna(Guitar) of RootsCollider (Bass of LEGIT)Sam Snyder (Guitar) of THUNDER BODY@Matthew Ramerman (Drums) of the Teressa Wilcox BandZach Dumrese (Sound Engineer) of Mosaic FoundationDJ Alykhan on the turntables spinning before, in between, and after the sets.https://www.facebook.com/LEGITTRIOhttps://www.facebook.com/DJALYKHANThe Dub Land Underground315 Alexander St, Rochester, New York https://www.facebook.com/events/525025814245070




Dub Land: 315 Alexander St, Rochester, New York 


Charles Lindner (Keys) of The Manhattan Project
Wil McKenna(Guitar) of RootsCollider (Bass of LEGIT)
Sam Snyder (Guitar) of THUNDER BODY
@Matthew Ramerman (Drums) of the Teressa Wilcox Band
Zach Dumrese (Sound Engineer) of Mosaic Foundation

DJ Alykhan on the turntables spinning before, in between, and after the sets.


The Dub Land Underground
315 Alexander St, Rochester, New York 


TUMBLR!  Start your morning off right by listening to this ATCQ x Amy Winehouse Remix!

A Tribe Called Quest x Amy Winehouse: Can I Hold Her - by DJ ALYKHAN




he was so comfortable being him…he didn’t conform and he never sold out. He will be missed.

I’ve blogged quotes from this track, and appreciate the fact that rappers like Jay and Kanye can still preach while showcasing their wealth….

Victoria Coats analyzes one of the better tracks on Watch the Throne, and reaches some thought provoking conclusions about mainstream rappers selling portraying the conscious image.  Give it a read, lemme know what you think!!


With the talk of tuxes and sheepskin coats that plagues the supposedly “excellent” half of “Murder to Excellence,” the track morphs into a claim on black excellence that is decidedly elitist, and frankly, incongruous with the philosophies of the movements and the thinkers that are celebrated elsewhere on the song and album. Whereas the track begins as a memorandum of black struggle, it ends in a conundrum. “Murder to Excellence” may sound like a tribute to black struggle, power, and excellence, but it is a departure from the true meaning of the rhetorical symbols it’s couched in. By resting on the lavishness of their lifestyles to define their excellence, Kanye West and Jay-Z make it clear that it will depend on “the people,” the over 94% of us who can’t gloat over multimillion dollar assets, to “redefine black power” and name the future of black excellence.

Sound Familiar?

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House

word to the Weeknd for re-igniting interest in forgotten about 80s bands - at my most recent gig at Lovin’ Cup, I got a request for this track by someone younger than me and was like….SAY WHAT?!  She had googled samples used by the Weeknd and ended up really diggin this track.  Sorry I couldn’t play it in my set the other night, I hope this makes up for it!!

"In the past if you picture events like a black tie
What the last thing you expect to see, black guys?
What’s the life expectancy for black guys?
The system’s working effectively, that’s why!"

Kanye West - Murder to Excellence

When I first became interested in DJ-ing, I lived in suburban Philadelphia, and instead of going to the movies on Friday nights I’d have blank cassette tapes and my dual tape-deck boombox ready to record Power 99’s (98.9 FM) only real DJ, Kosmic Kev (anyone remember his intro drop- KOSMICCC KEVVVVV - STREET BANGAHHH)  as he cut and scratched live on-air.  I loved the way he would blend party breaks, old-school hits, and current hip-hop seamlessly with style.  I also enjoyed hearing DJ Touch-Tone of 103.9 the Beat, “the world’s number one blind DJ” on air from 11pm-1am Friday nights live from whatever club he had a residency at, Liquid, I believe.  He always played an interesting mix of new-jack swing throwbacks, and current club heaters.  Last but not least, there was Richie Rich who mixed live on Q102 (102.1) - he played these amazing top-40/House sets live from the club most Saturday nights and got me into mainstream house & dance music.

Saturday Afternoons were spent reviewing the tapes, the programming/track selection, mixing, but most importantly, what sounded dope with what.  Then I would head downtown to Market St. and hit up Armands Records.  What I couldn’t find there, I’d usually find in the promo/white label bin at Cue Records on South St.  It’s so funny to think that back then DJ’s were tripping over themselves (myself included) to cop the newest AV8 and Crooklyn Clan party break vinyls from guys like DJ LBR (french connection series) etc. and now you can find virtually everything online, via webstores like crooklynclan.net / StrictlyHits.com / Crack4Djs.com.

It’s even funnier because I wasn’t even playing parties back then, strictly a basement DJ LOL…anyway, I’d cop whatever records I could as a micro-soccer referee and later a dedicated employee of a Carvel Ice Cream store, and attempt to mix and blend them like Kosmic Kev on my numark tables.  I often failed miserably, but it taught me many valuable lessons about beatmatching, blending, and selecting.

I used to have tapes and tapes of radio sets from these DJ’s somewhere in my room….anyhow, came across this mix by Benny B on SoundCloud today, it really reminds me of some of the (now, incredibly rare) stuff I used to hear back in the day on these various mix-shows.  Enjoy.

So dope!





Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education

A must watch video that explores the concept of “hip-hop genius”. It explores the idea of taking hip-hop’s creative energy and using it to transform the high school educational system. Very well presented with drawings by Mike McCarthy. Soak it in, then share it.

More on the project HERE

“A hot beat yesterday was: a hot beat yesterday… the world is changing rapidly around us, the top ten jobs in 2010 didn’t exist six years earlier. Hip hop’s premium on freshness must permeate our schools.”

The appropriate response: word.

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